Fodtennis - DTU Lyngby stævne d.4.juni 2016


Første gang blev største DTU Lyngby volleyball stævne med ekstra aktiviteten, fodtennis. Alle spillere fra de 48 deltagende hold i løbet af dagen for at prøve sporten, som for mange af dem var nye.

For the first time was the biggest volleyball outdoor tournament of Danish Technical University in Lyngby followed by new activity, futnet. All players from 48 participating teams could during the day something totally new, and some with big success.


Tournament in Dublin


Vedhæftet er en fremragende artikel fra irsk arrangør af turneringen 'fem lande' i Dublin. Selv for de fleste landsholdspillere kom den turnering for sent, dvs. efter starten på out-door fodboldsæson, der for dem er stadig en prioritet, blev turneringen en chance for at vise sig for andre spillere, herunder unge 20-årige studenter, der starter for holdet DTU Lyngby, inkl. deres professor.

Sværhedsgrad af turnering bekræfter 8 kampe i 5 timer. A...lle hold havde lige chancer næsten samme, kun den slovakiske spiller Tomcisak hvem blev inviteret til denne turnering af englændere fra Skotland, var med hans kvalitet absolut lammet fra linjen.
For Danmark havde turneringen, desværre, en meget usædvanlig måde at vurdere, om en procedure afgøres af de "punkter mod" fordi Danmark havde I triple det samme antal sejre som Østrig og England, og selv Danmark besejrede begge hold, gik til semifinalen England.

Vi vil gerne takke Jamie, og alle arrangørerne, såvel som andre deltagende lande og spillere, som overvældende var meget venlig både på banen og derefter om aftenen afsluttende fælles evaluering på det lokale klubhus O'Neills.

Og også Ales og andre dommere under turneringen.

Attached is an excellent article from the Irish organizer of the tournament 'five countries' in Dublin. Even for most national team players came the tournament late, ie after the start of out-door football season, which for them is still a priority, the tournament was a chance to prove to other players, including young 20-year-old students, who start for the team DTU Lyngby, incl. their professor.
Difficulty of the tournament confirms 8 matches in 5 hours. All teams had equal chances almost the same, only the Slovak player Tomcisak who was invited to this tournament by Englishmen from Scotland, was with his quality absolutely different level.
For Denmark had the tournament, unfortunately, a very unusual way to assess, as the system was determined by the "points against" - Denmark had in triple the same number of victories as Austria and England, and even Denmark defeated both teams,  went to the semi-final England :-).
We would like to thank Jamie, and all organizers, as well as other participating countries and players who overwhelming were very friendly both on the field and then in the evening final social evaluation at the local clubhouse O'Neills.
And also Ales and other referees during the tournament.


Playpark fodtennis show

Sports weekend Playpark med den største sportsbegivenhed i Danmark med mange sportsaktiviteter i det tidligere skibsbygning hallen. Selv om vi havde til at improvisere med fodtennis bane, da det planlagte indendørs fodbold bande var lige før arrangementet taget væk. Ved siden af os, vi lød skydning paintball, over os hoppe bungee-jumping eller i en højde af 40 meter klamrer klatrere etc. Den store interesse for fodbold betød venter på over en time at endelig udskiftet omkring... 200 gæster - børn, voksne, herunder kvinder, der enten selv eller sammen med erfarne spillere, herunder det danske landshold, testet deres evner i korte kampe pr sæt.
Tak for hjælpen alle spillere fra københavnske klubber og fremragende PR-arbejde af arrangørerne.































Sports weekend with the biggest sporting event Playpark in Denmark with many sports activities in the former shipbuilding hall. Although we had to improvise, when soccer indoor pitch was just before the event taken away. Next to us, we heard shooting paintball, above us jumping bungee-jumping or at a height of 40 meters clinging climbers etc. The great interest in futnet meant waiting over an hour to finally enable about 200 guests - children, adults, including women, either individually or together with experienced players, including the Danish national team, to test their skills in short matches per set.

Thanks for the help of all players from Copenhagen clubs and excellent PR work by the organizers.


Kommende træning

DTU fodtennis klub hold fortsætter med træning til kommende stævne i morgen, hallen er klar igen.
DTU futnet club practice continues again as planned on Tuesday, preparing fot the coming tournament, the gym is open after the school exams again.
Øbro Idræt fodtennis hold havde træning i går som planlagt, men næste søndag er aflyst på grund af påske ferie.
Øbro Idræt futnet club practice was yesterday evening as usually, next Sunday is cancelled because of Easter holidays.

Fodtennis præsentation - største sports messe Playpark

D.19.-20.marts i København skal tilbyde mange forskellige sports aktiviteter inkl. fodtennis. Vores bedste fodtennis spillere fra herre landshold, som deltog i UNIF EM 2015 i Slovakiet med bedste lande og spillere, skal hjælpe dig at prøve fodtennis d.20.marts. Drenge fra landshold skal spille show-kamp fra kl. 12. Kom til Refshaleøen og prøv selv at spille.

During the biggest sports fair in Scandinavia, Playpark, will be presented many sport activities incl. futnet. The best players from national team, who participated at UNIF EM 2015 in Slovakia, will instruct all guests, how to play futnet, at at 12.00 p.m. will play show-game. So come to Refshaleøen to try it.


Første stævne i sæson

Dansk fodtennis forbereder til den første top af sæsonen, hvilket vil være en international turnering i Dublin, med deltagelse af Irland, England, Danmark, Østrig og Tyskland. Det ser ud til, at spillere i turneringen vil være fra 3 forskellige danske klubber. Nomineringerne vil blive givet ved træning i marts, efter vores fodtennis show på Københavns sports fair.


Danish futnet is getting ready for the first top of season, international futnet tournament in Dublin with participating countries from Ireland, England, Denmark, Austria and Germany. We are pleased to see, that players will be probably from 3 different Danish clubs. Final selection will be done after futnet presentation during Copenhagen Sport Fair in March.



World Cup 2016

Vi vedlægger information om den kommende World Cup, som naturligvis vi alle ser fremad.


*Men’s World Championships 2016 in Brno aspires to be one of the biggest futnet events in history. High participation is expected and the organisers are already working hard to ensure the best experience for all members of the delegations as well as the spectators.

The WCh will take place from 18 to 20 November 2016 in Brno, Czech Republic. The arrival day is 17 November, departure day 21 November. On 17 November UNIF Congress and WCh Technical meeting will take place in the evening.*


Fodtennis i avisene

Flot information om vores landshold og deltagelsen til EM 2015


EM Humenne 2015

The Danish Futnet Federation has participated at European Futnet Championship in Slovakia 2015 with mens team. Compared to previous years, when the national team featured players who, although futnet practiced, but missing the basic sports skills and physical requirements of other sporting activities, this year's team consists of young players born in 1996 (i.e. they could play for several years at the Junior Championships ), with excellent physical condition, technique and game discipline. Logically lacking only the gaming experience and skill in net playing. The only exception was the change when the experienced Peter Castor replaced young Durim, where in the last minute was found, that he has not a Danish passport.

The tournament was held in style in Humenné in eastern Slovak. The team flew over Budapest and then by minibus to Humenne, where he was staying in a high quality hotel with perfect service and catering with a choice of several different dishes. Both halls were only a few minutes' walk away, which was important for us especially on Friday after a very late arrival. The tournament was attended by 12 countries, including the newly adopted Romania, where the best players logically left the original federation, which holds one Romanian official from his ministry subsidies, and which became actually rather tournament of Balkan countries.

On Friday morning began singles, doubles continued in the afternoon and on Saturday triples. It played in 3-member groups, and Denmark due to poor results of prior representation to the last participation in 2012 was logically paired into groups to better teams. For our few experienced players but in the end it was a good situation, because they could warm up and prepare for the next important matches of the final placement.



The single was represented by Anders, and his premiere was as it should be. In the group was a Czech and Romanian, who finally played together the tournament final. The difference in performance and nervousness meant a clear opening victory of Romanian and subsequently clear victory of Czech in the first set. In the second set, Anders suddenly calmed, and the result was a continuous 7-7, where the Czech team had to take a time-out that Anders commented on a great note: 'Suddenly I had those balls fall right :-)'. This game was also on direct Czech TV. In the next match of the final placement Anders lost little pitch, especially when the first set losing only 9-11 with Ukraine, and thus played a 11th place with an Englishman.Clearly won the first set and despite nervousness brought Denmark first tournament win. Nice work Anders.

(live stream Danmark - Ukraine -




To double were nominated Frederik, Peter, and Niels. Matches in the group were once again difficult for newcomers put to the test, so the matches against elite teams Romania and Switzerland fell as expected payouts favorites. In the deciding match, whether we are in the top ten, or we play only on 11th place, we met England, which had the advantage of a good deployment, because of their line-up has included former world champion from Slovakia. For our happiness in this double champion did not start, so our team won 2-0 in sets in my opinion the best performance of the tournament. Players joy was immense, guarantee placement in the top ten in practice also meant almost certain participation in the World Cup next year. The joy of the certainty of good places added euphoria why we could not in the battle for the 9th place to beat Austria, which ended at the last EC before the Danish representation? Laxity resulted in excellent performance in the first set with the result of 11-9, while the second set won easily in Austria, perhaps from too much responsibility to our players who regularly turns on the pitch. Through tactical meeting before the third set went Austria back into the lead, and nervousness crept into our game. Although Austria had led 10-8, we bet on a risky option when the server's rotation and the net play, which led first to the comparison result, and later to the matchball. Excellent receipt of Austrian smash from Frederic lead to Peter's play on net, where he overpressed opponent's block, and the 12-10 victory was ours (see short video on Facebook). We were nr. 9 in Europe after very good performance of all players :-). 



To triple matches has been nominated max. 5 players (Mads, Nicolai Frederik, Anders, Peter), with the main burden should be on Mads, and Nicolai. Group matches against the favorites of Romania, and in particular against the Slovak, showed a logical technical maturity of our competitors, which is what most evident in triples. In the attached pictures you can see eg. Slovak block on the net, where the Mads head-play is opponent blocking with the stretched leg raised high. This is the result of many years of training, while it showed that in triples must be played smash and block rather than darting technical player, but high-killer, with a large range feet over the net. Yet we in the struggle to fight for the top ten with Austria believed that we have a chance to beat them. And there are real chances in a match they had, unfortunately, there was also a greater number of unnecessary, unforced errors, and our defeat. Pragmatically speaking, the better team did not win, but lost the team worse. The disappointment was huge, but it was necessary to concentrate on the decisive match with Ireland, which lost the previous match with England, including in line-up the former world champion, in overtime in the third set. So duel between two disappointed teams, who can faster concentrate for the last game? It was the Irish who easily dominated the first set and not immediately reveal anything that would match did not manage, through our time-outs and player substitutions. In the second set, however, the Irish came up with a surprising way of service reception, where all the players were on the receiving field. After a brief tactical time-out was decided that rather than soft and technical serve, but tough service to the player body. The result was an easy victory 11-3. The third set was on a swing with the score on both sides, time-outs, the players alternating and ultimately deserved victory 11 to 9. Our commented statement - easy game :-).





I morgen aften forlader vores hold ved EM i Slovakiet. Alle oplysninger findes på hjemmesiden for turneringen, herunder tidsplanen for kampe, og en link til direkte TV stream af kampe.


Fodtennis træning fra EM 2015

Her er alle kommende information om EM, inkl. vores hold:

Denmark (DNK)

National association: Danish Futnet Federation
Coach:   Pavel Mašek
Team leader:   Durim Qamili

About team:

SetWidth550 50000000


Niels Mathias Toft         

Nicolai F. Vallys

Mads Janell Søndergaard                           

Anders Knudsen            

Frederik Thyssen           

Peter Castor  Andersen              




Spillerne er ved at forberede til EM mesterskabet, søndag eftermiddag var træningen (se billeder) og derefter de andre spillere i aften (fotos vil være næste gang).

Players are preparing for the EC, pictures are from the afternoon training, other group was preparing in the evening (pictures will come next weekend).



November 2015

Herre EM 2015 i fodtennis, Humenné, Slovakiet

I dag ved forbund bestyrelse møde blev aftalt organisatoriske punkter vedrørende deltagelse af Danmark herre landshold ved EM i Slovakiet. Det var de sidste træninger, transport, nye trøjer, osv.

EM vil blive overværet af 12 lande - CZK, SVK, ROM, HUN, SUI, FR, UKR, ENG, POL, AUT, DEN, IRL, og efter en vis tid igen bliver medlem af UNIF magtfulde lande Ungarn og Rumænien. Disse lande har hidtil ligget i den oprindelige organisation FIFTA, men logisk kunne indse, at det er gradvist mere af en Balkan-forening end en global organisation som hurtigt udviklende UNIF.

Forståeligt nok for en ung dansk hold vil det være en interessant oplevelse at møde de bedste hold i Europa.



Fodtennis med unge drenge fra Østerbro

Unge drenge plejer at spille fodtennis hver lørdag i Østerbrohuset, når der er Åben Hal - et projekt til sport aktive bebøerne fra Østerbro.

Youn boys are becoming used to play futnet at public sport gym ØH every Saturday, when Åben Hal - the project for active citizen from Copenhagens district Østerbro is taking place.



Herre landshold 2015


Fodtennis bolde

Alle bestilte bolde skal være leveret næste uge direkte med Post Danmark


Fodtennis i Åben Hal i Østerbrohuset

Åben Hal tilbyder til alle sine gæster at prøve fodtennis, lørdag efter kl. 17 og søndag mellem kl. 10 og 11. Vi kan godt lide, at flere og flere unge prøver at spille fodtennis.


Mange sommer stævne og sjov spil

Nogen fodtennis spillere regner med sommer stævne i Tjekkiet. Et hold fra Lyngby skal til Prag stævne d.16.juli, hvor både fodtennis spillere og rock bande spiller fodtennis med musik. Øbro Idræt skal d.19.juli til stor stævne i Potucky i vest Bohemia, en pige fra KFIF skulle til træningslejr i Chabarovice sidste uge i juli. Lyngby spilles udendørs i sommeren og i august skal til DTU studenter komme med multistævne med fodbodl, beach-volleyball og fodtennis.



5th International Futnet Camp for Women and Youth will take place on 21-26 July 2014 in Chabarovice, Czech Republic.

As in previous years, the camp provides an opportunity to improve existing futnet skills of children (12-15 years) and women (no age limit) under the supervision and guidance of experienced futnet coaches and instructors from Czech Republic and Slovakia.

All the information can be found in the invitation. The deadline for applications and for the payment of 50% of the corresponding participation fee is 31 May. The application form and account details are attached to the invitation.

If you have any questions, please, contact Mr Vlastimil Stehlik:

International Women and Youth Camp 2014.pdf (840075) 


DFTF blev skriftlig informeret den 30.september af Søren Friberg, at vi skal ikke bruge hans billeder, som er kun til eget privat brug. Derfor blev billeder slettet, herunder et billede af nr. 1. dame - hans egen døtre Camilla og Anna Friberg. Svært at forstå efter 6 måneder, men blev respekteret straks.
21th - 26th July 2014
5th International Women's and Youth Camp in Chabarovice, Czech Republic
On 17 May there will be UNIF World Club Cup in Brno with the participation of the best club teams from top futnet countries. And UNIF Extraordinary Congress with election a new Board. 
Funktionærer til DFTF
Vi søger samarbejdspartnere der er villige til i deres fritid at hjælpe med at udvikle vores forbund, på forskellige områder, lige fra organisatoriske spørgsmål til finansielle spørgsmål, herunder samarbejde med sponsorer og markedsføring, efter vores general forsamling, som skal være i februar 2014. Venlig skriv os til DFTF e-mailadresse.

EM 2013

Vi siger mange tak til alle, som har ønsket vores hold held og lykke til EM :-).  Der er update på EM Facebook med mange nye billeder lige nu -


Invitation til EM 2013

Deadline blev ændret til d.31.august

Husk, at der er deadline d.15.juli at sende e-mail til DFTF, hvis deres klub eller individuelle spillere vil gerne søge EM deltagelse.

Women and Juniors European Championships 2013.pdf (871,1 kB)


Invitation til sommer træningslejr i Tjekkiet

Formand af DFTF Pavel Masek skal besøge o/n lejr i Tjekkiet, inklusiv stævne d.20.juli i Potucky.

International Camp 2013 Invitation.pdf (650,2 kB)


Herre VM 2012 i Tjekkiet

Klik på videoer fra VM.


Dame og Junior VM 2012 i Tjekkiet

Her kan du klikke på flere videoer fra VM 2012.



Fodtennis mesterskab i Tjekkiet på TV

2013-09-04 15:32
Onsdag d.4.september kl. 15.30 til 16.20 er på tjekkiske TV - CT 4 Sport (satelit TV).   Inklusiv de bedste spillere fra Tjekkiet og Slovakiet, under øjne af dansk formand af Dansk Fodtennis Forbund.

Fodtennis stævne i tjekkiske landsby Potucky

2013-07-31 10:51
Formand Pavel Masek og triple stævne på fjerde plads, ved tropisk vejr og mange spillere fra Tjekkiet og Tyskland.

Fodtennis i Århus

2013-06-26 17:37
Vi har fået flere kontakter fra Århus, som vil gerne spille fodtennis. Vi håber, at i fælles samarbejde kunne vi efter sommer ferie opstarte fodtennis træning til alle nye spillere.

Stævne med 2 bounces

2013-02-24 20:50
Vi er glad at informere, at det lykkedes at organisere næste stævne i fodtennis, triple med 2 bounces, til uregistrerede spillere. Til sidst vandt holdet med spillerne fra Ørestad, Amager og Nærum, men naturligvis tak til alle deltagere.

Februar stævne i København

2013-02-23 21:15
Den 23. februar i IBS gymnastiksalen var fodtennise stævne med en bounce, med deltagelse af spillere fra klubber KFIF, Øbro Idræt og uregistrerede spillere fra Ringsted og Amager. Turnering mesterligt vandt uden en eneste nederlag Christian (KFIF) med Pavel (Øbro Idræt), der besejrede i...

Stævne i København

2013-02-03 22:28
Spontant organiserede mænds turnering blev afholdt søndag i Lyngby med deltagelse af spillere fra København, Lyngby, Holte, Nørrebro og Amager, i double med 2 bounces. Efter tre timers sejr og den finansielle præmie 500 kr. modtog en slovakisk-dansk par fra Amager. En anden turnering hidtil...

Fodtennis i Århus

2012-11-20 14:03
Vi blev kontaktet af folk interesserede i fodtennis fra Århus. Vi vil forsøge at samle de interesserede, at de kunne prøve fodtennis, måske med studenterne fra Århus Universitet.

Herre hold forbereder sig til VM

2012-11-12 11:41
Frem mod VM i december i Tjekkiet er herrelandsholdet samlet hver lørdag for at forberede sig til slutrunden. Nye spillere har mulighed for at prøve at træne på banen ved siden af, og måske lure nogle tricks af i øjenkrogen.  

Photogalleriet fra Dame VM 2012

2012-11-12 11:36  

Kvindehold nr. 6 i verden

2012-11-06 12:30
Det danske kvindelandshold i fodtennis er netop kommet hjem fra VM med en flot 6. plads i alle tre discipliner; single, double og triple.
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